The Clouds Roll Away by Sibella Giorello – My Review

Thomas Nelson (March 16, 2010)
I love a great nail-biting mystery every now and then, however being a bit squeamish I prefer the details to be selective and set the tone and atmosphere of the plot rather than irrelevant gore and such. Though this is my first book by Giorello, she has garnered a devoted reader with an enthusiasm for wholesome, quality fiction. Congrats to a new to me author who has impressed this very picky reader.

Giorello does more than write an engaging story, she weaves in characters who readers not only identify with but come to consider intimate friends. I look forward to Raleigh’s fourth adventure as well as the first and second which I have yet to read. Descriptive and illustrative passages in The Clouds Roll Away set the scene for Raleigh and the “good” cops of Richmond, VA to uncover a gang with mob connections and a dangerous product that could “explode” in their faces. Stay tuned to see how Raleigh and her law enforcement peers manage to not only address some very aged cold cases but connect the dots in recent events that Richmond’s elite would rather bury and deny.

If you haven’t yet experienced a tryst with contemporary suspense full of intrigue and appeal for a variety of bibliophiles, Sibella’s book is an enticing starter. It seems I have become so ensconced in reading and reviewing that I sometimes find a series midstream without the time to catch up on previous volumes before the tour starts. I am grateful that Sibella’s book works well as a stand alone read. This doesn’t mean that earlier Raleigh Harmon novels will remain untouched by this reader but I will eventually go backwards to catch the backstory of Raleigh and her career that lead up to this third book. I don’t believe any series is best read in any available order but when I’m facing a review deadline I appreciate the skill that allows readers to jump in feet first wherever they may be. I’m sure the earlier two books will fill in gaps that although not key to the plot of this novel would make the experience richer for their contribution and enlighten readers about other facets of the recurring characters. (ISBN#9781595545343, 336pp, $14.99)

Visit Sibella’s website and blog. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. See what other LitFuse bloggers are saying. Read an excerpt. Thanks to Sibella, Thomas Nelson, and LitFuse for a review copy.


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