Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye by Sandra Byrd – My Review

Tyndale House (September 27, 2010)
Savvy is back again trying to find her niche among the British. Moving to an entirely different country when you’re just starting highschool makes for alot of adjusting all at once. Sure they speak English in London but what passes for English in Seattle is most certainly not British. I suspect they would call our language American since that’s our country. Savvy had her plans all sorted out but starting her freshman year at Wexburg Academy turns it all upside down.

Byrd brings her characters to life in a way that appeals to the youngster in all of us. Most of us can remember being the “new kid” at one time or another. Byrd just throws in a bit more of a twist by putting Savvy in a whole different country and society. Though I may be past the “new school/teenager” phase I still identify with Savvy and I’m sure that readers closer to her age can relate even more. These books are quick reads but Byrd finds plenty of faux-pas, misinterpretations, and sticky situations for Savvy in each installment. As a reader I enjoy being transported to alternate worlds whether real or fantasy or futuristic. Byrd has done a wonderful job bringing the London Suburbs to life and approaching teen and pre-teen readers with realistic characters. Just about any person picking up these books will be able to find someone or some situation they are avle to relate to. Byrd’s plot twists and bevy of activity for the inhabitants of her novels keep readers riveted to the page but still craving more by the end. This is also a series that could be picked up individually though there’d be some catching up time for those who haven’t read earlier titles in London Confidential.

(ISBN#9781414325996, 256pp, $6.99)

Visit website. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. Read an excerpt. Thanks to Tyndale House for a review copy.

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