31 Days of Drawing Near to God (Resting Securely in His Delight) by Ruth Myers – My Review

Multnomah Books (January 18, 2011)
This is a book the reader wants to take slowly and savor the morsels picked up along the way. Although this was originally released under a different title and Multnomah had the opportunity to reprint it, the new title and the format fit right into Myers’ previous 31 Days Devotional series some of which were coauthored by her husband Warren. Having explored a few of her other 31 Days devotionals I had some idea of what to expect though being that this is focusing on God’s specific character rather than directly addressing relational aspects of our faith, this new to me title has proven to be the most powerful devotional I have encountered. Unlike her previous 31 Days of Power, Praise, Prayer the daily entries are presented in a narrative style rather than simply paraphrasing a series of scriptures as prayer. In addition to the more personal format of the entries Myers also adds a list of scripture references after the prayer portion of each entry inviting the reader to explore God’s character for themselves and encouraging them to copy down any verse or verses that especially draw them that day. This is not to say the other titles are less inspiring or poorly done as all the books serve a slightly different purpose for readers and I appreciate Myers’ other titles just as much as this one. I simply want to make the point that I appreciate the openness with which this author has shared her own faith and struggles along the way combining the narration with scripture pointing the reader right back to God and His Word. I look forward to the rest of her entries of this particular title and the hidden morsels yet to discover through the remaining devotions. This book is such an encouraging read and reminds us we are not alone in our questions and struggles as we follow our Lord and Savior as long as we remain in this earthly life.
(ISBN#9780307729446, 192pp, $12.99)

Visit her author page at the publisher’s website. Read an excerpt from the link click the Read An Excerpt or Read A Sample Chapter link below the bookcover. As you scroll down the page the active tab will be the excerpt content. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. Thanks to WaterBrook/Multnomah’s Blogging for Books Program for a review copy.

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