Beside Still Waters by Tricia Goyer – My Review

B&H Books (April 15, 2011)
How could I as a reader resist the chance to read a new book from an author who has proven her writing talent book after book? I couldn’t and to top it all off the book is a new Genre for Goyer, Amish fiction, one of my perennial favorites. Like many focused genres however not every author can impress seasoned readers. There have been a number of fluctuations in my favorite authors list in this genre for the very reason that some authors’ work made a strong impression on me in the past but later I was disappointed by work of a significantly lower quality. Goyer’s work however continues to earn her a spot among my must reads. This title has simply proven once again that Tricia Goyer is not only a talented author but she goes above and beyond in doing the leg work necessary to produce books which inevitably land on my keeper shelf.

Though this is Goyer’s first attempt at Amish Fiction she has managed yet another grandslam and I look forward to the continuation of this series, though book 2 isn’t scheduled to release until Oct (groooaaaannn). The characters and setting Tricia has crafted in this novel grabbed me from the first page to the last. Her stories always contain sufficient action and progression of a story that I never feel stuck in a rut reading them. The pacing and characters make me as a reader desire more but not because the story is lacking any important elements or padding the word count with embellished language or rich descriptions which stunt the progression of events. Lush descriptions and picturesque settings in this author’s novels always prove a treasure trove to readers rather than a detriment to the story. Beside Still Waters has introduced a new genre to Goyer’s bibliography that will stretch readers of the genre as well as readers of Goyer’s work to embrace the unfamiliar and perhaps expand their list of favorites with either a new author or new type of novel. In my case this title combined an already favored genre with an author I can rely on for quality work without reservations and will expand the keeper shelf yet again.
(ISBN#9781433668685, 320pp, $14.99)

Visit Tricia’s website and blog. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. Read an excerpt. This link will generate a pop-up asking if you want to open the document. That document contains a read-only file of the first chapter. Thanks to Julie Gwinn at B&H for a review copy. Not only did B&H provide a copy of the novel they also included a gorgeous photo calendar, mostly landscapes to respect the Amish discomfort with photos that show their faces. There are people in some of the photos though not any portrait type shots. The first thing to go on the Calendar of course was the release date for her next Big Sky book in Oct. In addition to the beautiful scenic photography the calendar contains recipes, household hints and tips and other interesting trivia regarding Amish ways and beliefs. Though I am not a coffee drinker those in this household who are enjoyed the chance to taste a different coffee since B&H also sent a small package from the Kootenai settlement where the series takes place. The coffee packaging was clearly a promotional tool but the calendar is a retail wall calendar that ties in to the book and serves as a promotional tool in a secondary manner.

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