Missions of Mercy Series by Susan May Warren – My Review

Steeple Hill (January 4, 2011) (March 1, 2011) (May 3, 2011)

What do a missing American teenager and runaway teen Princess from Eastern Europe have in common with a Senator’s rebellious daughter/rock star on tour in Europe, and last but not least an American spy set to marry a major drug cartel heir. All these players become the object of Stryker International’s missions to prevent international security disasters independent of US government entities yet protect US interests and intelligence from the wrong hands.

It seems no matter where Chet and his colleagues run they can’t hide but they also discover there is no immunity when the right woman crosses your path. Can business and pleasure mix and when they do will the job still be performed with the success expected from an organization with the track record of Stryker International despite the barriers encountered or the nation(s) seeking their services.

In this Suspense-Romance hybrid series that will appeal to readers of both genres, Warren has presented a new cast of characters that readers will love early on. I’m only disappointed that Steeple Hill has apparently limited this series to only three books. Just from reading these books I can see the possibility for so many more plots and the chance to get acquainted with some of the background characters who could play more central roles if the series were expanded. Be sure and collect your own copies of all three novels before they’re gone. While any of these books could function as a standalone, once you’ve picked up one you’ll want to read the rest too. I quickly made it through the first two books shortly after they arrived and was chomping at the bit for number three by the time I received my copy. Not only does Warren keep the plot moving at a brisk pace, the events of each plot move smoothly without interrupting the flow of the story even with multiple threads in such a short format and the characters and stories maintain their interconnectedness even if they only make a brief appearance.
(ISBN#9780373444243 9780373444328 & 9780373444403, 224pp/ea, $5.50/ea)

Visit Susan’s website. Click the covers for more info and to purchase Point of No Return, Mission:Out of Control, and Undercover Pursuit. Drop by the tour schedule on LitFuse Publicity’s site to see what other tour hosts have to say. And don’t forget about the contest. Thanks to LitFuse for review copies.

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