Scandal in Scotland by Karen Hawkins – My Review

Pocket (May 24, 2011)
As I mentioned several months ago I am attempting to give more Mainstream Fiction a chance because there are some exceptional authors out there despite some of the not so appealing (to me) content. This is one of the new to me authors I had an opportunity to check out. While I expect there to be content that isn’t in the Christian Fiction I read, this particular cover looked relatively innocuous compared to many of the mainstream books on the market. Those who regularly read category romance and know the lines they enjoy or steer away from for whatever reasons would probably enjoy this book. An added perk with this particular author is the mystery and suspense woven into an otherwise stock romance novel. The addition of these elements to the romantic focus of the plot gives it a unique twist and keeps the story traveling at a brisk clip.

Though I will likely steer away from this author personally in the future, that decision is based on personal preference regarding content. Despite the appearances of this cover I was disappointed with the level and quantity of content which I find distasteful. For those who enjoy a few romps on the page, a typical man meets woman with the accompanying romantic tensions – conflicts – and of course obligatory arguments of one variety or another along the way, Hawkins should grace your must read list. The elements of adventure, plot twists, and above all mystery/suspense are deftly intertwined through the lives of engaging characters. Hawkins is a skilled writer who takes plot and characterization to a higher level than many authors succeed at ever achieving. She has undeniably presented a quality of work that more than deserves the status of Bestseller and listings by NYT and USA Today corroborate the level of her abilities.
(ISBN#9781439175934, 384pp, $7.99)

Visit Karen’s website. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. Read an excerpt. Thanks to Pocket for a review copy.

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