iShine ‘tween Bible (NLT) – My Review

Tyndale House Publishers (February 1, 2011)
I was impressed when I saw the packaging on these. Although the covers are imitation leather they are clearly designed to appeal to boys or girls if you look at the cover images above. The NLT might not have been my first choice as an accurate and easy to comprehend version and some of the phrasing comes across awkwardly IMO. Despite this minor difference of opinion, I think Tyndale and iShine for the most part planned and implemented the idea of a Bible specifically for ‘tweens quite well. Other versions might sound more pleasing but also rely more on paraphrasing. The VIP acronym, Value, Identity, Purpose I think will resonate with that age group and is something that will stick in their minds as well. I know when I was that age understanding my personal worth and belonging was confusing with so many different “judges” including peers saying different things. With the changes to our world, societies, and cultures since my younger days I can only assume that life has increased in the complication level and confusion for young people. The scriptures in general and the study guides, added materials, and other aids included in these Bibles can help to build the strong foundation for our faith that makes the world’s judgement meaningless. It will also encourage, inform, and support this younger generation as they mature and navigate the complexities of life. If there are tweens or even teens in your life that don’t already own their own Bible this one is definitely worth checking out. (ISBN#9781414348155 & 9781414348148, 1024pp/ea, $19.99ea)

Visit the iShine Bible’s website for more info, related materials, and videos that go along with the Bible itself. Click the cover(s) for more info and to purchase a copy for Girls or Boys in your circles of influence. Thanks to the Tyndale Bloggers Network for review copies.

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