A Shore Thing by Julie Carobini – My Review

B&H Books (July 1, 2010)
Thankfully I was able to jump right into this book after I finished Sweet Waters. Though the Sweets don’t reappear but briefly in this book, we meet some new characters just as enchanting. This is the first book where Jeremiah or “Jer” as Suz and Gage call him makes our acquaintance. If this “darling” 4 year old doesn’t win you over nothing can. Gage has taken on the design for developing a large open tract bordering the cove that is home to a federally protected marine sanctuary. Suz and Jer have traveled cross country to join Gage in Otter Bay and start a new life per se. Callie works as assistant director at a campsite which uses the surrounding natural features to enrich the camp program and the cove which houses the sanctuary is a favorite site both with Locals and Tourists. Of course Callie is very into sustainable and “safe” products and land use so the idea of someone building over the Kittredge land along the marine sanctuary is unthinkable. Despite what appear to be unbridgeable divisions Callie and Gage are more alike than either would like to admit at least when they are at odds over the use of the Kittredge land. Carobini weaves in a bit of mystery and suspense as Callie tries to figure out what really happened that landed Gage as the designer for this land the town believed this older couple would never let go of. The opposition to Callie’s attempts at saving the animals and land is well beyond anything she could imagine and this brings in another level to the story as those behind the scenes make it clear they intend to move forward no matter what it takes to rid themselves of people like Callie getting in the way. (ISBN#9780805448757, 400pp, $14.99)

Visit Julie’s website and blog. Click the cover for more info and to purchase a copy. See my review of Sweet Waters in yesterday’s post, stop back Monday morning for an interview with Julie, and Monday night for a review of the most recent Otter Bay book Fade to Blue. Thanks to B&H for a review copy.


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