Women of Faith Over the Top in Sacramento

Tomorrow is conference day 1. I’ve been running around at the last minute as usual trying to get everything together for the morning. As a habitually organized person procrastination still seems to catch me off guard on personal planning more than I’d like. Thankfully it only affects the items that aren’t vital to “making the grade”. High priority tasks still get pushed through the fast lane if necessary.

Anyway although this is the first time I’ll be attending a WOF venue that is too far from home to drive back and sleep in my own bed tomorrow night because of a move earlier this year, it probably won’t change my usual sleep patterns when I’m excited – that is I don’t sleep much. That helps with the packing but not much with the focus tomorrow lol. It should still be a great experience the next two days though despite the fact that I will get home Sat night exhausted from two long days. For some reason even though the conferences are always full of wonderful material from great speakers they also prove to be draining for me both because of the crowds and for some undefinable other reason emotionally that has to do with the spiritual experiences that inevitably occur in a two day conference like this. I love the powerful spiritual boost I get but I need a couple days afterwards just to recoup. I’ll be back sometime next week with a post on the conference itself and perhaps if I can figure it out and am not too busy I’ll do some tweeting or post some facebook status updates from the conference tomorrow and/or saturday.

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