The “What’s For Dinner?” Solution by Kathi Lipp – Guest Review

This review is from my mom Louise. She loves cooking and does most of it at my folks’ place so when I saw a “cookbook” come up for tour I showed her the info on it and she said she’d love to take a look. The rest as they say is history. Without further ado I’ll let her tell you about the book from a cook’s perspective.

Harvest House Publishers (October 1, 2011)
This book is a tremendous find! Not only does it have tons of yummy sounding recipes, but it also lays out a solution to the dilemma of being ready to fix dinner every night. I love to cook, and love to create. However Kathi’s book takes me one step further with her preparation, organizing, shopping and cooking plans.

Wait until you read about Kathi’s “Magic List”, it’s one of the best grocery list ideas I’ve ever heard. You’ll love it, too.

Have you ever thought of clearing your counter by only having things on the counter that have “earned the right to be there”? Kathi clearly outlines a plan to decide what has earned the right to be on the counter and what hasn’t – even if some items “keep trying to sneak their way in.”

Diligently committing to grocery shopping only once a week and getting everything you need seems a daunting idea. But with Kathi’s help it can become manageable. That in and of itself, is going to give me more time every week to do things I’d rather do than grocery shop.

Then it’s time to “Get Cooking” with freezer meals, the slow cooker, Leftover on Purpose (LOOP) meals, plus more. This section is packed with recipes that I’m sure will become favorites at our house.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the two or three page list of ideas for making dinnertime special, enjoyable and important as a place for conversation and connection.

While I don’t ever dread dinner preparation, I do wish for more variety and having the ingredients I need to implement that variety. This book goes way beyond that and whatever my expectations were, they are met and more with Kathi’s book.(ISBN#9780736938372, 208pp, $12.99)

Click the bookcover for more info or to purchase a copy. Look for other FIRST Wildcard member posts and opinions also. Don’t forget to visit Kathi’s website. Read an excerpt. Thanks to Harvest House for a review copy.

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