Women of Faith Over the Top Sacramento – My Thoughts

Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program hooked me up with tickets for the conference this year in return for blogging about my experience. As a book blogger this wasn’t too difficult a stretch for me. If you didn’t read my pre-conference post take a quick hop over there too.

This particular venue featured Andy Andrews, Patsy Clairmont, Lisa Whelchel (whom some of you will remember as Blair from the TV show Facts of Life), Marilyn Meberg, Mandisa, the WOF Worship Team, Sandi Patty, special music from Selah, and dramas written by Nicole Johnson performed by Katharine Everett.

As per my few past experiences in another venue the content and experience was amazing though draining. One plus of this venue over my past experiences was a much tighter adherence to schedule. They even wrapped up Saturday’s sessions a little early compared to running a half hour or so behind schedule at the venue I’d attended in the past.

The seats weren’t the greatest location since the camera stand happened to be right in front of me but I ended up making some new friends who had some spare room across the way and sat with them most of the time which eliminated that little issue quite handily. That also fixed the problem of being right beneath an AC vent as well and freezing despite a sweater on in my assigned seat.

As for the conference itself there were so many wonderful speakers and thoughts it’s hard to share just a few highlights but I’ll try and put at least a little bit in for those that can’t or didn’t attend a WOF conference this season.

Patsy reminded us that not only is it necessary to say “No” sometimes even to good things but that we sometimes let other people’s expectations take over our lives instead of taking care of ourselves. That “No” is taking care of yourself even if others might interpret it otherwise.

Patsy also helped us remember that change can be a good thing which has always been hard for me to swallow. I tend to dig in my heels and scream “NO” where change is concerned. Fighting tooth and nail instead of going ahead even when the change is inevitable. You’d think after a few times around the same scenario with various situations I’d learn to just deal with it rather than fight when I know what’s coming and it’s out of my control. Besides shouldn’t I also know by now that God knows what He’s doing??? Probably!!!!

Lisa talked about healthy friendships and reminded us to be authentic (who we are) with others and look for safe friends (people that are trustworthy) to let into our lives.

Sandi shared that not only is God enough for us but we are enough for Him.

Marilyn talked about our search for “more….” and experimenting to find that more we all crave. An adrenalin rush for some, intellectual stimulation for others, but in the end all those “more”s are temporary. God is the only “more” that will fully satisfy those cravings we have without leaving a residual emptiness in the end.

I’m looking forward to the next opportunity I have to attend a WOF event whether that be next year or sometime later down the road. They are always a good experience even if I come home ready to collapse from exhaustion afterward.

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