Always and Forever by S P Cervantes

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Always and Forever (Secrets of Shadow Hill, #1) Series: Secrets of Shadow Hill #1
by S.P. Cervantes
Published by Center One Publishing on November 13th 2012

This is an Young Adult Fantasy Novel
Twin sisters Ava and Hannah were ripped from their peaceful seeming lives into a whirlwind of attacks and war only to learn the real truth about their existence.
Nothing was as it seemed anymore and may never be again. They had already lost their father in childhood now they have to cope with their mother’s kidnapping as they watch those sworn to protect them risk their lives.

ISBN: 098300224X
Pages: 318

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Format: eARC

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Genres: YA, Fantasy

About S.P. Cervantes

S.P. Cervantes is the author of the acclaimed contemporary romance A BROKEN FAIRY TALE series. The series allows you to connect with a group of friends and their triumphs over tragedy. "Dust to Dust" is a suspenseful stand-alone romance that introduces readers to this close knit group of loyal friends. "Wished Away" is an emotional romance that should be read before the Bad-Boy romance, "His Jar of Hearts".

August 18, 2105 is the release date for S.P.'s newest romance called "The Wife".

S.P. is also the author of the highly rated Young Adult Romantic Fantasy trilogy Secrets of Shadow Hill. "Always and Forever", "The Prophecy", and "War of Wizards" that has been described as "Twilight Meets Harry Potter". It's not your typical romantic fantasy.

S.P Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children, where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel.

This is one of those books where I am really torn about how to approach the review. There are good things about it but there are also the not so good and neither really outweighs the other. The description intrigued me and I wanted to unequivocally like this book from the start. It sounded like exactly the type of thing I’d enjoy. There are elements to the story I really loved and which drew me in emotionally and intellectually. The characters grabbed me and I would enjoy seeing more of them. However the writing style became repetitious, in my opinion, as some of the events were rehashed from two different character point of views in an awkward manner. These point of views were presented separately rather than integrated into a smooth flowing narrative. While the method worked in some portions of the book for others I felt it didn’t. Some of the plot ideas were seeds that I felt could be developed into something new and unique while others were predictable and similar to the popular movies and novels people get so over-hyped about I find it annoying. So my final take is it’s not worth getting excited over either good or bad. However in terms of YA Paranormal/Fantasy books if you can deal with awkward syntax and don’t mind the overdone elements ala Harry Potter/Twilight era then you might enjoy this. Magic and enchantment along with a solid dose of danger and adventure keep readers on their toes throughout Dalton and Ava’s story.

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