Armchair BEA – Author Interaction

Blogging actually wasn’t my first contact with authors though it broadened it by spreading my wings to reviewing after the circumstances I spoke of in my Intro Post this week. I’ve been an avid reader since I could decipher the written word which in my case was fairly early on. I also discovered quite quickly that the State Fair where I grew up featured a “local” author table each year. Local being the fact that they were from that State. The State Fair then happened to be a longstanding family tradition so I managed to drag the folks along to the author table and once in a while got a new book out of the deal along with a personalized autograph from it’s author.

Then I ran into the author, in my adult years, who became a great friend before her book ever saw print, her first time to meet me was with my nose in a book nearly every time she saw me. Needless to say I’ve become a beta reader (or Manuscript Guinea Pig – as she called us on the first book) for her series that got me started blogging. Through blogging and reviewing I have also had virtual interactions with several authors and publicity agents and come to know many wonderful people in the publishing business.
Two of my favorite authors Geralyn Beauchamp (the one who got me started blogging) and Julie Lessman (who I would love to meet in person one day) are some of the first authors I ever wrote reviews for. They are also wonderful people to interact with and I am grateful that this medium, the Lord, and their talents brought us together.

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