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  1. I’m writing to tell you about the latest book by Jack DuArte (pronouced Du Art ay), Spitfire. Here’s a quick synopsis:

    The setting is Great Britain in the suspenseful summer of 1940. Even though war with Germany has been declared, the British Isles have yet to feel the onslaught of the German blitzkrieg. A defiant nation mobilizes and prepares for the inevitable— attack by Germany.

    Flight Lieutenant Anthony Nelson is a Spitfire Mk 1 pilot and a top flier. His 54 Squadron at Hornchurch Royal Air Force Station is critical to the defence of London and all of England. Nelson is charged with training new pilots until the real action begins. His life is further complicated when his younger brother, Fletcher Nelson, announces his forthcoming marriage, and then chooses to join his brother’s squadron.

    Spitfire follows Nelson’s 54 Squadron as the war escalates and the Battle of Britain is fought by valiant Spitfire pilots over England’s blackened and deadly skies. Hitler orders his Luftwaffe to level London and almost succeeds in his monstrous plot.

    Only the Royal Air Force’s Spitfires and fighter aircraft stand in Germany’s way. After heavy losses, the RAF begins to gain an edge. Then, Fletcher Nelson is reported missing. The story takes a bittersweet turn as Anthony Nelson tries to console Fletcher’s distraught fiancée.

    Spitfire draws to a remarkable conclusion when certain factors surface that change everyone’s lives.

    This thrilling tale mirrors the lives and loves of heralded British fliers who saved their island nation from almost certain defeat during the early days of World War II.

    Jack has asked me to look for bloggers who would be willing to get a free copy of the book for review purposes and one to give away to your audience. He’d also like to offer a “second chance” contest for people who join his newsletter to learn about upcoming books, announcements of events, and more giveaways. If you’d like, he can do an interview, post an excerpt, or have him guest blog, he’s open to that as well. Let me know whether or not this is an offer that would fit your audience and we’ll go from there.

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