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Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

This Month CSFF Blog Tour Presents:
Wayfarer’s Journal
An Ezine published and edited by Terri Main

The Soulless by Donna Sundblad is one of the stories featured in the Fall issue of Wayfarer’s Journal. This author explores the concept of cloning and DNA engineering from the perspective of a belief in God as Creator. What does this mean for those who create the clones and the clones that exist because of these scientific endeavors? Are these beings truly soulless as the pastor in this story claims? In light of what this story has to say and what Rachel Carpenter has come to believe herself the secret she is about to uncover about her biological origins and her true identity leaves her stunned. Read this story to find out what the secret is and why it has such an immense impact on Rachel. You can access it by clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph. Check out some of the other stories, articles and poems from this publication’s initial two issues by clicking on the link to the site homepage at the very beginning of this post. Enjoy and stretch your minds with the many what ifs with a spiritual twist that “The Soulless” and other stories on this site are sure to raise.

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  1. I was pleased to find a reference to my story “The Soulless” here on your blog. I found this story interesting enough that I’ve expanded it into a novel. The first draft is complete and I will plan to revise and edit this coming year.

    Donna Sundblad

  2. Melissa, great post. One of the best things about featuring a webzine is that we can highlight the site but also the authors who contribute there.

    Great job.


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