Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear by Sharon Dunn – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

This book makes me want to break out my old Nancy Drew collection and start reading mysteries again. I like the twists and turns without the gut wrenching, nightmare inducing scariness factor of some suspense books. This could almost be chick lit if it weren’t a mystery. It was a fun read that kept my mind challenged with the possibilities but was off the wall enough to not freak me out. Not only is there the mystery inherent in the title, this is the story of a group of friends on vacation and all the crazy things that happen to them in of all places the town of Calamity. Aptly named if their experiences are any indication. The story also addresses questions of faith, trust, and contentment among others. Many of the characters have their own personal internal struggles going on while at the same time playing one or more roles in the calamitous craziness of Calamity’s busiest weekend. There’s even a hint of romance in the air amidst all the rest that takes place on this unforgettable trek of the Bargain Hunters Network (BHN). Read this and the previous book Death of a Garage Sale Newbie to meet and get to know these women and have a glimpse into their lives. I may just have to go find me a copy of the first book and will be impatiently looking for future books featuring these amateur sleuths.

You can read a bit about the author and a short synopsis plus enter to win a copy on my Giveaway Post

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