Fatal Deduction by Gayle Roper – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Multnomah Books (May 20, 2008)
What a fun read this is and I loved having puzzles built in to the book for the reader to solve. If you are a puzzle lover of any type but especially crosswords this book is a must. Personally I, like Libby, prefer Sudoku to Crosswords because there’s only one right option. However I enjoyed both this book and the crosswords in it as well. I can’t imagine if were in Libby’s place how I’d manage a sibling that was so different and having to live with them for six months – yikes! It’s hard enough getting along with the people you don’t live with much less someone so very opposite in personality. Libby and Tori make the effort and learn about themselves and relationships in the process though and are probably better people in the end as a result. Of course it took good old Aunt Stella dying and forcing them into it and even then they both wished there were another option.

This author has an enthralling story and characters that are so like real life I felt like I almost could have been Libby, though I am grateful that I don’t have to room with a sister like Tori. The upsets in this plot were so well disguised many surprised me when they were revealed and I’d had no clue what was coming to even start guessing at them. There’s enough action and conflict to keep the pages turning from first to last and the ending came wrapped in a neat little package to boot. She brings up many serious issues in addition to the main plot that are woven into her characters so deftly you barely realize there are underlying messages yet those messages remain in your mind as a result of the examples from these characters. Some learn the hard way but hope that those after them will learn from the consequences that were already suffered. Despite the serious issues touched in these lives and the suspense of the plot, there are many lighthearted moments woven into the storyline as well. This was an enticing book from the first page that integrated the lighter and heavier moments into the flow flawlessly and kept the me as a reader from being overwhelmed by the heavy tone or bored by excessive fluff. I’m definitely going to be looking for more by this author – I hope there’s something else coming soon.(ISBN#9781601420138, 352pp, $12.99)

You can get your own copy by clicking the book cover as well as read more reviews. FYI I will also be posting a giveaway for this book on Fri. Happy reading and don’t forget to drop by the author’s website and find out more about her.


  1. I also like books with puzzles to solve in them. So I like mysteries when they are well done. This sounds like it is indeed an “enticing” story, one I have to put on my wish list.

  2. Gayle Roper is one my favorite authors. I, too, am a puzzle of any kind, lover. Will put it on my to be read list! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oooh, this book sounds like fun for word person like me who loves mystery and suspense. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks for the review.


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