Me Myself and I AM by Matthew Peters and Elisa Stanford – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Multnomah Books (October 7, 2008)
This 96page gem of guided journaling will take more than just a couple of hours to navigate for the full experience and results that it can produce in the reader/writer’s life. I have only yet scratched it’s surface myself. While not a tome by any estimation it contains so much more as an exploration of the reader/writer’s faith journey and relationship to God from the roots to the substance of this season of their life all the way to the possibilities yet to come. Although I see a number of introspective and important questions presented for consideration within this process, I do see a lack of addressing the central role Scripture plays in my own journey and understanding. There are a few places that ask for a key verse or important passage but for me to delve into the Word and record my understanding and impressions of verses that have spoken to me over the years seems the most appropriate way to chronicle and explain my own journey so far as well as the limited conception I have of where that path may be headed. Despite the limited referral or opportunity to reference my own ideas and concepts of what I consider to be the ultimate Truth and guide for my own path I still look forward to continuing to delve into this project with pen and Bible in hand as I gain a deeper understanding of myself, My Lord and His path for me. I may even end up with not only valuable insights for myself but an important heirloom for family members in years to come. (ISBN#9781601421425 , 96pp, $13.99)

Be sure to Google this title as the publisher is sponsoring a tour all this week and there will likely be a variety of opinions and ideas shared regarding this notable detour from the usual self-help and application studies that we find in the non-fiction marketplace today. Also I have some spare copies of this one that I will be offering to readers shortly. The “contest” post will be up on Friday with a week to comment and enter. Use the bookcover to purchase your own copy and read more about the book including possible additional reader comments posted at the bookseller site.

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