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Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Splashdown Books (June 15, 2009)
Such a compelling story and vivid characters are woven together I could hardly put this book down. Science Fiction is usually not my thing but there is so much more to Faith Awakened including romance and adventure. Grace does not bog down in the details of the technology that is key to the plot yet she writes in such a way that a reader unfamiliar with the principles of cryogenics and virtual reality can feel as if they understand it to some degree. Being not much of a science buff but still into details I appreciate being able to read a story built around technology that is presented so that I don’t end up feeling completely lost by terminology and ideas which are foreign to me.
Grace also integrates many concepts into her story that encourage a lifestyle very different from what today’s society and the society of her futuristic world believe is not only permissible but also preferred. Although the story starts out by simply introducing us to the characters and their worlds it still somehow drew me in and moved quickly. I identify with both Faith and Mariah in different ways but also in some of their shared traits as well.

These characters are well developed and though the book is quite short, really more novella length than full novel, there are so many ideas and details packed into that short span that little is lacking from this story. One of the major themes in my opinion is the eternal question of where do we place our trust and who is in control in our lives? Are we running the show or trusting our Lord, the Awakener in this book, who is truly the one in control anyway? What consequences might we face later on if we choose to continue our insistence on being in charge and calling the shots? Grace approaches these and other nebulous questions related to faith in her book. The title Faith Awakened is perhaps a foreshadowing of some of the core issues addressed through the stories of Faith, Mariah and their friends.

This book was well worth the reading time and also worth rereading to dig deeper into some of the concepts and themes addressed through the story line. This is one book that is truly thought provoking as well as sparking some serious self examination and reflection on my thoughts and motives. This is definitely a shining debut for Grace Bridges.

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  1. Thank you! Wow, are you really talking about me?? I’m so glad you enjoyed the read and got down to the deeper levels as well 🙂

  2. I don’t know you by this name – do I know you by another? Did I send you a free book already?

  3. Great review Melissa. As you can see, we have some really great talent here. I know I’m bragging, but when you meet the quality of people I’ve met this past year with CFRB, well I feel I have the right to brag.

    Grace is right, by the way, you were able to get into the deeper levels without making it seem like that’s what was happening. Want my job? Just kidding.


  4. There ARE a lot of issues to dig into that are raised in this little book. I know it made me do some thinking. And, of course, isn’t that part of the desire of any author?

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