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This book as well as it’s prequel The Duke’s Handmaid focus in on prejudices and the practice of slavery in the fantasy world of Byntar. Vahn has lost and acquired back his favorite slaves that were not yet freed or lost their lives as the result of neglect or abuse by another owner. He has also had both his own son and the son of one of his lost slaves taken hostage in Ganluc the one into black markets bound for slavery or death.

In Nor Iron Bars Vahn’s twin Arx (who is also the king) is running back to his palace in the North after dealing with a traitor. Arx has commandeered a merchant vessel with cargo that is destined for a southern neighbor. Vahn is attempting to compel his brother to use alternate transportation in the interest of commerce. The vessel’s captain becomes a valuable ally to Vahn later on as a result of this exchange.

Despite the divisions and prejudices between Itzi and Elva in their society, Vahn takes an Itzi slave as optimess (basically the “head house slave”) and his mate though they are unable to publicly acknowledge the second relationship even at home. As a result of a Countess’s petty jealousy when he refuses to marry her and his own impetuous acceptance of a challenge without knowing the true nature, he ends up experiencing slavery firsthand in this countess’s household for a period of two months including nearly a month of training at the local “slave academy and penal institution” ITC.

Book Trailer:

Read an excerpt, Visit the Author’s Website, and read my review.

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There are also reviews by Michael Heald and Donna Sundblad


  1. I love it when there is enough depth to a book that we can all do reviews adn summaries that focus on different aspects.

  2. Wait. This is not the review? Did I hear you right? You’re posting “the review” later? Well, I thought this was a pretty good review all in itself! Looking forward to whatever else you have to say.

    Thanks, Melissa!

  3. Cathi-
    I like it when there’s meat to a book myself though the fun, light stuff is nice for a change from time to time as well. Even the fun, light stuff can have meat to it though – all fluff ends up annoying me pretty quick but this is definitely fluff free.

    You’re welcome Caprice – this is only about 1/2 of what I wrote. More a synopsis than a review in my opinion but the review is going up in about 10 minutes as soon as I can throw it into a post and manage the formatting.


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