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My review is up. Also be sure to check out the author’s website and blog as well as the other CSFF bloggers’ posts (the other posts will be posted at the sites below between today and wednesday or you can check the list in my right sidebar under the CSFF Graphic:

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A Bit About the Author:
Mr. Walley was born in Wales but raised in northern England. He earned his PhD in Geology and spent two four year stints in Lebanon at the American University of Beirut. Between his times spent in Beirut he lived in Swansea, Wales. Following the second stint he found that geology was not an active area in terms of jobs in the UK so turned his career path towards writing and editing particularly for the Christian market. While Geology still remained a major interest for him it did not figure as centrally in his career life as it had until a few years ago when he was able to return to the academic arena as a teacher at Gorseinon College on the outskirts of Swansea. He and his wife maintain a small cottage on the edge of town as well. Their sons who were born amidst the first Lebanon era are now grown and will occasionally make the trek to see their folks in Swansea. (This bio information is excerpted and paraphrased from information on the author’s website)


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