Trouble the Water by Nicole Seitz – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Sisters who are best friends share their all joys and trials but one. Both have been afraid to talk about an event that has haunted them since the day it happened until it is their last chance to do so. Many of their choices over the years can be seen as fallout of this traumatic experience in their childhood. The story follows the younger sister as she is writing her memoirs for the older one to read. Although author was never her aspiration, she always has a devoted reader in her sibling. The memoir is also a way to leave her sister with a connection when one of them is gone.

While they may not have chosen the paths they’ve taken in retrospect, they still somehow found their way through the worst of times by leaning on one another and the human “angels” God put them in the paths of. No one is perfect but God’s hand was in their lives even when they wanted nothing more than to be left to their own devices.

This is a very emotionally intense story yet it deals with very sensitive subject matter in a way that inspires and teaches both the characters and reader. This author somehow manages to walk that fine line between what is important and what is TMI in the context of Honor and Alice’s lives and experiences. Seitz has penned some very colorful characters that draw the reader into the midst of their stories and touches hearts and minds deeply. The journey of growth and faith that is depicted in this diary style memoir from multiple perspectives is nonetheless woven together with the occasional thread of humor and lighthearted reminiscing about better times.

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