Tuesday Night at The Blue Moon by Debbie Fuller Thomas – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Dreams put on hold, the chance to change a 13year old mix-up, changes and loss are just some of the ingredients to this touching story of lessons in letting go. Marty and her girls all run smack dab into the reality of consequences of choices made by themselves or others. Many of the choices forced on them are made with the best of intentions however the results are still painful when you are forced to live with something you never wanted in the first place. Despite or perhaps because of difficulties and troubles – at least in their perspectives – that are a result of choices forced upon them by life or others, Marty and Andie both realize things about themselves they’d like to change and in some cases even take some steps forward in areas where they’ve either resisted growth or tried to avoid it entirely. This author pens an emotionally rich narrative which brings us into the midst of her characters’ lives. In this case those characters are a teenage girl and a grown woman both facing loss and struggles with change they never asked for or desired. Despite the gap in age and life experience they both still insist on grasping at the familiar and holding on for dear life. It may be well beyond time to let go of people or situations but these characters just can’t quite handle that yet. Will they ever realize that only God has the power to keep things the way they’d like and His way is ultimately better than their own attempts at fixing the perceived problems of change they’d prefer to avoid altogether? Read Tuesday Night at The Blue Moon to find out if and how Marty and Andie learn their personal lessons of letting go and trusting God.

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