A Sister’s Hope (Sisters of Holmes County #3) by Wanda E Brunstetter – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

Barbour Publishing, Inc (July 1, 2008)In Book 3 we rejoin the Hostettler family with one daughter married, the second about to be and the third in love with a young man her family thinks is responsible for the incidents befalling them. The family is not aware of Martha’s feelings for Luke but they do know that he has been acting suspicious and can’t prove where he’s been when things have happened around the farm. Brunstetter treats readers to another glimpse at Amish life amongst this particular clan in this final installment of the series. Will the nagging mysteries from the earlier books come to resolution and present answers to the uncertainty that plagues the family so long as their attacker is out there waiting to strike once again.

Will Martha’s faith in Luke prove to be founded in truth or not? Will she be able to give up her kennels in exchange for a family or will the dogs be her only “babies”?Can the family ever believe that someone else could be responsible for the terrible things going on and if so who and why? Can Martha and Luke find love as her sisters have with Cleon and Abe? (ISBN#9781597892735, 304pp, $10.97)

Click the bookcover for more info or to purchase a copy. If you want a taste of Brunstetter’s writing take a peek at the first chapter of this book.

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  1. Great review! Love your take on this one…makes me want to read it…and I’m not a big Amish lit fan:-)

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