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Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

You’ll begin to see a number of Barnes and Noble Graphics and links featured here at Bibliophile’s Retreat. If you are book shopping for something I’ve reviewed or for that matter book shopping at all please use the links here at Bibliophile’s Retreat to access and make your purchases at Barnes and Noble’s Website.

I know some of you use Amazon quite frequently for purchases however I have discovered that if you invest in a Barnes and Noble membership you can save more than if you shop at Amazon using the member coupons they issue every so often and it more than pays for itself even if you buy only a few books over the course of the year. I think I bought a total of about 25 books last year and saved four times the membership fee with coupons and the regular discount. In addition the member discount by itself rivals Amazon’s prices and they offer free shipping with a minimum of $25 purchase very much like Amazon.

OK so I must admit to preferring Barnes and using my links to purchase your books from Barnes will help me share in the money they make off my readers buying products there. Being as I pay for all my own postage fees for books I send out to winners and some of the books I give away every little bit helps especially right now while I am searching for a day-job to pay the bills since my reviewing only brings in books. Any help you can offer by using my links when you purchase books from Barnes and Noble is greatly appreciated.

I will also start making the book cover links in my reviews and other posts that don’t require a specific link clickable to register on my Barnes and Noble Affiliate account as well so you’ll still get the Barnes links you are accustomed to in my reviews with the added bonus of helping to support this review blog if you purchase the book through that link.(Until I have time to work backwards and change old links this will only apply to reviews from Dec 2, 2008 forward)

Finally I will be adding a Pay-pal Button in the sidebar for anyone who wishes to help with postage costs of the giveaways I offer and mail myself. Please help out in whatever way you can and ask your fellow readers and bibliophiles to do the same. All money from the Pay-pal donations will subsidize postage costs for giveaways or perhaps the cost of books that I purchase on my own for giveaways. Barnes and Noble Affiliate proceeds I earn will be used for whatever need is most urgent be that bills or giveaway expenses.

I love being able to offer wonderful books to my readers as giveaways but it does get expensive so for those that can any support you offer is greatly appreciated and will help to keep the giveaways going strong as well as perhaps support more giveaways in the future.

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  1. Melissa, I am glad to know about how I can help with postage, I wrote myself a note and will send you a donation sometime. Thanks for sharing.
    Pam W

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