In the Shadow of Lions by Ginger Garrett – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

David C. Cook (September 2008)
Garrett takes a unique approach to writing a historical novel in this launch for her Chronicles of the Scribe series. An “Angelic Being” who introduces himself as the Scribe has entered the life of a woman in hospice care waiting for the release of death from her illness and pain. This Scribe somehow in just a few hours relays to her the story of her “line” of women in the person of Anne Boleyn and a young woman named Rose who was an attendant to the children of Thomas More, one of many involved in the fight to subvert William Hutchins’ (Tyndale) English translation of the scriptures that is sweeping through Britain and enticing even the illiterate away from the established Anglican church who at this time still insists on everything being in Latin which few can comprehend much less speak or read. Many are even unable to read their own native tongue but there are a few hardy souls who dare to read the “banned” book aloud to those unable to do so themselves and some dare to own a copy even if they are unable to read it all this despite the threat of being engulfed by flame as punishment when they are caught with this book. Not only does the reader get a much more personal view of Anne Boleyn we also learn a bit about the climate and society in the Anglican church during this time of change throughout Europe and the established churches both Roman Catholic and Anglican at this juncture of history. Can one book literally change the world and somehow endow people with a strength of conviction that withstands even a public death sentence by what I can only imagine would be an extremely torturous method? What is true faith and what is merely “religion” that those with the means foist on anyone else as the sole path to salvation? Can those who are unable to decipher the “writing on the wall” still recognize ultimate truth as opposed to what they have been fed all their lives? Intrigue, espionage, adventure, high stakes and even a touch of romance are sprinkled throughout this vivid tale of a time and place where True Faith was as expensive to its owners as the Salvation of the World was to our Lord. Use the bookcover to purchase your own copy of this compelling and uplifting story of believers persecuted centuries ago by their own “church” authorities for trying to share the gospel as we are instructed to in scripture. (ISBN#9780781448871, 311pp, $13.99)

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