Update on Giveaways and Blog Schedule

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

I have adjusted the schedule of upcoming giveaways as I will be traveling over Christmas so will pick up again after the first of the year with those. There are three drawings that recently ended for which winners have been notified. For the first two be assured I received your replies and have the books waiting to be sent. I was hoping to be able to do that this last week but due to circumstances that was not possible. Those along with the drawing winner notified today will hopefully go out after I return from holiday travels as this next few days will be taken up with preparations for the trip.

For those that drop by on a regular basis to read my posts or look for what’s new, things will be slow around here for the next week or two with my travels so if there’s nothing new that would be why. If you subscribe in a reader, by email or with the blogger Follow feature any new posts should appear for you as usual and my Twitter Feed will always update on its normal schedule if there’s anything to show. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone. I look forward to catching up after the holidays with those I’ve missed while away. There are a few scheduled things that will post as planned but not the usual influx of reviews, excerpts and everything else book related in my absence as I purposely tried not to schedule too much once my plans were made for the Holiday. I miss conversations with my readers and other bloggers so please be sure to catch up and poke your heads in when I get back to my normal posting schedule.

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