Never the Bride by Cheryl McKay & Rene Gutteridge – My Review

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Never the Bride by Cheryl McKay and Rene Gutteridge
WaterBrook Press (June 2, 2009)

Reading has been a bit of a chore lately for me not because the material was poor quality but because its just been one of those slumps in concentration and ability to track with the story that I experience from time to time. These make the books go slower for me regardless of the writer’s talent and skill at weaving a tale that entices me to continue to the end.

Never the Bride has been a slow read for me however the comedy of errors these authors have spun was exactly what the doctor ordered for a gloomy gus. While my concentration was extremely poor I still had to talk myself into putting the book down when I started rereading paragraphs multiple times that didn’t sound familiar. Gutteridge and McKay have composed such rich characters that I would love to see more of Jessie, her sister Brooklyn, Malia (who is not only the mother of Jessie’s childhood buddy and secret crush but an adopted mother and incurable matchmaker), Malia’s latest match for Jessie, and Jessie’s closest girl friend – Nicole along with the other colorful and intriguing residents of this small, homey burg Jessie considers home.

You’ll just have to get your hands on your own copy of this book to find out more about Jessie and the rest of these entrancing characters. Read all about the flubs and flops in Jessie’s love life and the crazy attempts she makes to control the things only God knows the plan for in her life. Its amazing what we (myself included) put ourselves through when we refuse to admit we don’t know everything and won’t release the control we never really had because its our security blanket when life feels out of control. Oh and believe it or not Jessie learns that we can really screw things up when we start trying to twist the desires of our heart into what we think they should be instead of sitting back to let God do the steering and trusting that the author of those desires really does know what He’s up to. (ISBN#9780307444981, 320pp, $13.99)

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  1. The story and characters sound interesting; I am writing on a similar theme right now: trusting God enough to let go of what you think is your control of your life and letting Him direct your paths. I know what you mean about slumps in concentration. I call it brain fog. Eliminating all sugar from my diet usually helps me.

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