An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon – My Review

Delacorte Press (September 22, 2009)
I read the first six Outlander books in a period of a couple months or so not knowing or expecting more books. A year or two later I discovered this book was releasing in Sept and I decided I had to find out what happens next as book six ends in the midst of the US revolution and Brianna and Roger along with their kids are safely or not so safely in the twentieth century. They have acquired Jamie’s ancestral home in Scotland and are able to somehow follow the lives of Claire and Jamie via letters that somehow bridge the time gap of 3 centuries. As usual Gabaldon wraps her plot in intricate details and flowing prose that keep the action moving throughout her nearly thousand page tome. I am still amazed at her ability to compose these lengthy books as if someone were keeping an intimate and thorough record of their lives though not slowing the progress of the story or bogging down in excessive minor details. However while I found books 5 and 6 a bit too involved in some of the extensive detail of minor events, this book returned me to the quality and intricate descriptions interwoven in a riveting plot reminiscent of the first books of this series.

Jamie’s son William who is the legal charge of British officer John Grey has also become a British military officer playing both sides in the intelligence game of the 18th century colonial rebellion. Will circumstances force Jamie and Claire to hide amongst the American rebels while trying to avoid the British troops who might prove to be their undoing if certain connections are discovered? Will it come down to William being forced to choose between the government he was hired to defend and the father who gave him up for his own good? Read the latest Outlander installment to find out. (ISBN#9780385342452, 832pp, $30.00)

Check out the author’s site. Stop by and pick up your own copy and find out more about this book.

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