Songs of Deliverance by Marilynn Griffith – My Review

Revell (November 1, 2009)
This book showed up on one of the regular email lists I belong to for book bloggers so I was excited to see another book by an author I had enjoyed in the past. Griffith pens characters that although you may think I could never be that person, you will recognize something familiar in at least one major player of the story. It could be the human insecurities we all face in one way or another, the personal struggles that may look and feel different for each person yet in another sense each person’s struggle mirrors another’s. Songs of Deliverance is no different from earlier novels by Griffith in this respect. God has planted the seed of His own character and personality in each of us and Griffith vividly brings this inner world of finding ourselves to life in the pages of this novel. Though I am not Zeely or Ron nor even any of their friends in the outer sense of resemblance or even most inner senses of personality and circumstances, there is still something familiar in their questions, wonderings, and dreams that I cannot help but claim to have experienced something similar in my life story. The final picture for each of us will be different but the questions and uncertainties that mold all of us or unfortunately for some shatter those who resist the molding because they anticipate the pain of it will not be worth the suffering along the path to those dreams and desires so deeply entrenched in each one of our hearts. If you have read Marilynn’s earlier title, Rhythms of Grace, you will already be familiar with Zeely and her closest circle of friends. If this the first tale from her pen that you have ventured to inspire your faith and imagination with, then don’t worry about missing something because this book stands on it’s own quite readily. I would imagine based on what I’ve read that the back stories from the previous book introducing these actors to the stage of fictional works would simply enrich the depth of understanding a reader experiences with the places and people of Songs of Deliverance. (ISBN#9780800732790, 336pp, $13.99)

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Please visit the author’s site and use the bookcover to check out more info or purchase a copy for yourself. Big thanks to Revell for sending me a review copy.

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