Double Trouble by Susan May Warren – My Review

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (January 11, 2010)
Well here comes even more trouble. PJ’s high school sweetheart refers to her as NBT from the title of the first PJ sleuthing adventure but after nearly two decades much of which was spent far away from her small town roots and the people who knew everything about everyone else PJ is not the teenage girl who ran fast and far the moment graduation was at hand. Boone (hs sweetheart) has remained in the same place and taken a position on the local law enforcement squad. Having no desire or reason to leave or change, he is stuck on the PJ he knew but the woman who has appeared in town is not the same person. Tied to the past he can’t see the new person or let the old flame go dead. PJ isn’t so sure about them as a couple any longer or about much of anything for that matter. In the midst of Boone’s attempts, including a marriage proposal, to make his old sweetheart his lifetime companion, PJ is spirited off on yet another sleuthing mission for the local PI who pursues her for a very different partnership – a business deal of sorts. This new mission is described as house sitting though there’s just a bit more to it than meets the eye. Warren has delivered another lightning quick cozy mystery packed with twists, turns and plenty of adventure for nearly any reader. If PJ was trouble when she first arrived back home, she manages to find plenty more as time continues on. Can Jeremy find more than just a business opportunity in the young woman returned to the scene of her early years or will her former hearthtrob, also a local boy, win her heart once more? As life, God and men pursue PJ what is she after for herself? Pick up PJ’s second tale for answers and probably many more questions as well. (ISBN#9781414313139, 352pp, $13.99)

Be sure to check out Susan’s website, my review of Nothing But Trouble and Susan’s sleuthing prize pack. The prize drawing is open for entries until 9:59PM Feb 20 and winner(s) will be announced Mar 1. Thanks to LitFuse for a Review Copy.

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