A Case For Love by Kaye Dacus – My Review

Barbour Books (February 1, 2010)
While I thoroughly lose myself in many historicals, my reactions vacillate with contemporary novels much more. Kaye Dacus however is one of those contemporary authors I have come to love. The first Brides Of Bonneterre volume, Stand-In Groom, was my introduction to this author. I have since read other books by her and look forward to whatever is coming next although I will miss the Boudreaux-Guidry clan and those who have joined it since the beginning. This third book was a riveting romance with a touch of mystery. While it wasn’t action packed it still moved forward swiftly and resolved the central conflicts without the loose ends or 2 page conclusion trying to wrap up without the reader being privy to the details and action. It was also an emotionally satisfying read which is sometimes difficult to find in contemporaries. While it wasn’t the roller-coaster that some authors deliver it was a a gratifying read in other ways. When I am able to totally relate to the characters I enjoy the books more because I am fully immersed in the story and still crave more time with them after a book or series ends. Brides of Bonneterre is one of those series I was disappointed when it ended but I can still look forward to upcoming work by this author and new characters that might capture my heart the way the denizens of Bonneterre did. In the meantime I hope you enjoy your reading adventures as much as I did this one and perhaps discover some new authors along the way. (ISBN#9781602604568, 320pp, $10.97)

Drop by Kaye’s Website. Check out other FIRST member posts. Click the cover for more info or to purchase a copy. Thanks to Barbour for a review copy.


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    1. Not everybody has the same taste in books so I completely understand that what I enjoy won’t fit in with some people’s tastes. To each their own and I have actually found some books to enjoy that aren’t my usual reading because of other book blogger recommendations or stumbling on them while looking for something that attracts my interest. Hope you enjoy your reading too.

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