Power Praise Moves DVD by Laurette Willis – My Review

December 1, 2009
I love the idea of a workout that has the benefits of Yoga without opening spiritual doors to places I would rather not be going. I enjoyed working through the introductory routine which was about as long as my body was able to last the first time I tried the DVD. I suspect that stamina will grow for those who regularly use the routines on the disc. The instructions from Laurette on the disc are easy to follow and self explanatory coupled with the insert booklet that describes and pictures each position along with the matching scripture verses, the workouts become simple to understand and perform with little difficulty or time. I look forward to continuing with this workout and training my body to breathe and position itself properly as I get both my physical and spiritual exercises in one. (120 minutes, $16.99)

Visit the Praise Moves Website. Click on the case front graphic for more info or to purchase a copy. See what other FIRST Members are saying. See a sample of the video. Thanks to harvest House for a review copy.

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