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Marcia at The Printed Page created and Hosted this on Mondays. Marcia has renamed her book blog A Girl and Her Books. While the Printed Page appears to remain as is and accessible I believe Marcia has indicated it will become an archive as it exists now but will not be updating with posts any longer. As of Aug 2010 Mailbox Mondays are hosted by other blogs for the duration of a month each. Drop by the new Mailbox Monday blog for the hosting schedule or to add your blog to the waiting list for hosting. May’s Host is Mari at Mari Reads Check out the current host for more info and to read what other participants are saying plus leave your own links for the current week. While you’re at it also drop by The Story Siren for a similar meme, In My Mailbox which is also a Monday Feature.

Reviews will go up as I get to the books. In the meantime click bookcovers or titles to read more. Don’t forget to check out author sites too.

Well my friends and fellow readers it has been quite a few months since I’ve done any linking/meme posts. What’s been up in my world you might ask. Quite a bit actually. I spent three weeks visiting my folks in California’s central valley over Christmas/New Years. Made the trek back to the Pacific Northwest with about three weeks to get my act together before I moved down more permanently the end of January. Books have been shuffled around and quite a few read during this time but I’m still a bit behind on posting reviews for everything I’ve read since Dec/Januaryish. I think that pile consists of about 15 books at the moment. Oh yes and since the move I’ve been spending a significant amount of time with my niece and nephew which is so different from a week or so at Christmas time. He turned six the end of March and she’ll be three near the end of Sept. This is the first year I’ve really had a chance to get to know them and spend concentrated time at my brother’s. Unfortunately the rest of my news isn’t quite as exciting. As some of you know I’ve been hunting for a steady office job for a number of years and working temp when available. Lots of applications going in but not much response.

On the plus side it does give me a little more reading time as well as a chance to reorganize all my bookish updates (like the stagnant lists at Goodreads and Shelfari. Oh and on that note I recently acquired a SmartPhone on which I can read EBooks (still trying this out to see how it works for me) and with the use of the camera I can scan barcodes and add the books on my Amazon account from which I can then import the data to Goodreads and copy it from there to Shelfari and other book sites that have cataloging features.

Ok so back to the real reason for this post a bit of update on the blogging and such. For this week I’ll simply list what I’ve received in the last several weeks that is still in my TBR for review pile. In the process of experimenting with the phone as a reading device, I’ve become more active on Netgalley which I joined at the get go but didn’t have a very practical way to read the galleys so let that sort of just sit. Anything that I access via Netgalley I will indicate as E-ARC. I will still use the links and other identifying details for the printed edition of the book for those that don’t use ereaders. For those that do most sites, Amazon and BN in particular indicate if other editions are available and provide links. Please note all bookcover and title links will take you to the book page at Barnes and Noble for additional info. Author name links are to Author’s site.

In the Shadow of Evil
by Robin Caroll
B&H Books (Mar 01, 2011)

Thanks to B&H for review copies of this entire series so far. This title is book 3, the prior two books are Deliver Us From Evil and Fear No Evil.
(ISBN#9780805449792, 320pp, $14.99)

The Art of Romance (Matchmakers #2)
by Kaye Dacus
Barbour Books (May 1, 2011)

Thanks to Barbour for a review copy.
(ISBN#9781602609907, 320pp, $12.99)

Thanks to B&H for a review copy.
(ISBN#9781433671166,352pp, $14.99)

Scandal in Scotland (Hurst Amulet, #2)
by Karen Hawkins
Pocket (May 24, 2011)

Thanks to Pocket for a review copy.
(ISBN#9781439175934, 384pp, $7.99)

Targets Down
by Bob Hamer
B&H Publishing Group (Jun 01, 2011)

Thanks to B&H for a review copy
(ISBN#9781433672774, 368pp, $15.99)

Fallen Angel

by Jeff Struecker
B&H Books (Jul 01, 2011)

Thanks to B&H for a review copy.
(ISBN#9781433671401, 400pp, $14.99)

Dancing on Glass
by Pamela Ewen
B&H Books (Aug 01, 2011)

Thanks to B&H for a review copy.
(ISBN#9780805464306, 352pp, $14.99)

Fairer Than Morning (Saddler’s Legacy #1)
by Rosslyn Elliott
Thomas Nelson (May 10, 2011)

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for an E-ARC. This is one of my test books on the phone.
(ISBN#9781595547859, 400pp, $15.99)

Hawaiian Crosswinds (The Dawn of Hawaii #2)
by Linda Lee Chaikin
Moody Publishers (Jun 01, 2011)

Thanks to Moody and Netgalley for an E_ARC. Another of my test books.
(ISBN#9780802437501, 336pp, $13.99)

Surrender the Night (Surrender to Destiny # 2)
by M.L. Tyndall
Barbour Books (Mar 01, 2011)

Thanks to Barbour and Netgalley for an E-ARC. This is test title #3 in my experiment.
(ISBN#9781602601666, 320pp, $12.99)


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