Everybody’s Daughter by Michael John Sullivan – My Review

Fiction Studio (May 16, 2012)
It seems like a very long time since I read Necessary Heartbreak but that book has remained with me since. When the opportunity to review this sequel presented itself I couldn’t say no. This book has had a similar impact though in a different way and I look forward to the third book promised in this series. Michael and Elizabeth are characters that I have become attached to and will be disappointed to see a final book where I have to say goodbye for the long term. The premise of time traveling to first century Israel from contemporary America is also a premise that I had not seen prior to Sullivan’s books. However he executes the story well and develops the characters without relying on devices and other crutches that bog down the book or slow the progress of the plot. Coherence and consistency are strengths of his novels that I don’t often see in novels from new authors especially with the jumps that are necessary in a plot such as Sullivan’s moving between different scenes, times or places. I look forward to book 3 yet I wish it weren’t the last chance to spend time with these characters and continue with this story line. (ISBN#9781936558445, 328pp, $15.95)

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my second novel, Everybody’s Daughter. I do realize the amount of time associated with reading and writing the review. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the stories and I’ve started on the third. I do hope you will enjoy the last book of the series, too.

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