Adela Arthur and the Creator’s Clock by JudyAnn McCole – My Review (BWR Blog Tour)


Last week I had the pleasure of introducing JudyAnn here on this blog now I get to share her book with all of you. Being an avid reader of fantasies when this opportunity came along I thought I was extremely lucky to have the chance to read this book. AA Cover Judyann McCole (July 26, 2013)
Dragons, mythical creatures, an alternate world through the mirror and NO it’s not Alice in Wonderland or any number of other books or movies you can think of. There are references that you might find similar and even some points at which characters which are familiar with our world mention literature, movies, etc which are part of our culture and society but this story is none of them. It is it’s own unique story and world created by JudyAnn that perhaps could have been inspired by other stories she experienced.

I may not have read some of the stories that inspired this book but I have become extremely attached to Adela and her story so am impatiently looking forward to the next book as soon as JudyAnn can get it to us. In the meantime I will be looking for other books she may write and offer up for her readers. (ISBN#9781490322346, 346pp, $13.99 paperback, $4.99 eBook)

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