Armchair BEA – Novellas and Shorts

I’ve got a couple recommendations but of course they would only apply for people who are into the specific genres. First off one of my favorite authors – a prolific Western Sweet Romance writer mostly novella length. Kit Morgan. So far she is on the third in a sequence of series set in Oregon and Washington during the Wagon Train and Mail Order Bride Era. Series 1 is Prairie Brides, Series 2 is Holiday Mail Order Brides, and Series 3 is Prairie Grooms. They are light, fun reads with a dash of comedy.

Then there are a series of short story anthologies from indie authors compiled by Krystal McLaughlin. Miraculous: Tales of the Unknown is Paranormal/Fantasy Short Stories and includes one by my friend from JARR, After Forever is “Fractured” Fairytales, and Pleasant Dreams is YA Horror.


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