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Besides today’s topic that I will get to in a moment I want to make sure and link to the post where bloggers are posting giveaway links today as well. I won’t have a giveaway post but there will be several links from other ABEA participants going up today at the link I posted for book related giveaways.

The books that have taken me “beyond borders” without a doubt would be Geralyn Beauchamp’s Time Masters series. I am currently reading an e-ARC of book 2 and it has affected me emotionally much the same way book 1 did when I read it the first time. Very intensely with many ups and downs. Very few books are able to affect my emotions the way hers do even when I think I’m prepared for it. The books also feature a wide array of characters in diverse settings including aliens and various creatures from the alien culture that they have brought to Earth with them. The time periods vary as do the eras the characters come from due to the alien race having time travel abilities.


  1. I love time travel stories. I will have to check out the one you are reading. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m actually reading the 2nd in a series the first is already released as an ebook. The 2nd will release probably in early June. Search Geralyn Beauchamp on Amazon, Barnes&Noble or iBooks whichever device store you prefer reading on. The first book has been .99 recently I don’t know if it still is. She also has a blog and Facebook page if you want to look her up and get in touch about questions on plans for print releases if you don’t read ebooks.

  2. Well Hello! Yes, Melissa is right! Time Masters is an extremely emotional piece, and was just as much so to write! The second book in the series was also, and has left a few beta readers having dreams about the characters days after they’ve finished the book. Time Masters Book One; The Call is .99 cents right now in honor of the release of Time Masters 2 The Prophecy, which comes out as an e-book June 8th. Happy reading everyone!


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