An Unwanted Arrangement by Ray Anselmo

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AN UNWANTED ARRANGEMENT: The First Book of Pella Lensoil (The Books of Pella Lensoil 1) Series: The Books of Pella Lensoil #1
by Ray Anselmo
Published by Million Dreams Press on July 16, 2015

Pella Lensoil is nineteen, smart, beautiful, strong and with a wit as sharp as her dagger. And despite it being only ceremonial, she keeps that dagger quite sharp indeed. Even in this, the modern age of railroads and wired lights and even heliopods floating through the air, it pays to be careful.

Especially when you’re the only child of Sir Steag Lensoil – Duke of Jonessa, Guardian of the East Bay Marshes, Protector of Allium and close confidant of King Nobur II, monarch of Coastland in his castle on the Golden Hill. Every day, Pella is preparing for the time when she will inherit the White Marble Throne to deliver justice, give aid to the royal family and oversee the lands entrusted to the Lensoils. And possibly lead armies to war or avoid the attacks of assassins; she’s trained in that too. Still, she enjoys her life as a well-connected noble.

Only there is a slight complication: marriage.

Being a lord’s daughter also means eventually being wed, to some other lord’s or baron’s son. And it is the noble parents who arrange the marriage – not the bride-to-be. Pella, still young enough to have her mind full of romantic tales of knights and their paramours, has absolutely no interest in getting stuck with (and by) some stranger she had no part in selecting, let alone having him underfoot for the rest of her life. And she’s not the type to suffer in silence.

So when Kavin Mohiqua, third and youngest son of the duke of Polimay – and her prospective groom – comes all the way from Judefa Bay in the far west to meet her, sparks start flying. But not the sparks of passion. It doesn’t help that he shows up in, maybe the Five-Faced God help her, a wheelchair (thanks to an ill-timed skiing accident). Nor that he’s more fascinated by books and trees than by her. In fact, Pella soon discovers, he has about as much interest in marrying her as she has in marrying him … and for roughly the same reason.

Which gives her an idea. Maybe they could work together to dissuade their parents from this unfortunate match. When you’re going to fight a battle, you need allies – and on this issue, Pella and Kavin certainly share a common goal.

But what if they fail? Then again, what if they succeed? And in the end, which result will Pella really end up wanting?

Pages: 214

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Format: Kindle

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Genres: Romantic Comedy

About Ray Anselmo

Ray Anselmo was born in San Francisco on December 9, 1969, and grew up in the Sacramento, CA area. Since 1987 he has lived in Stockton, CA (not always by choice). He has been married to the former Nina Harting (aka the Supermodel, Jennifer Garner's Double, the Grace of God) since 1999, and they have two children.

At heart, Ray is a storyteller - sometimes to the chagrin of people who wish he would shut up once in a while - and has found that writing is a socially acceptable way to be himself. He has survived his parents' divorce, his father's alcoholism, unemployment, Dilbertesque job situations, club foot, diverticulitis, cataracts, car accidents, not having his Asperger's officially diagnosed until he was 42, and living in Stockton since 1987. You won't scare him with any zombie-apocalypse nonsense, trust me.

Favorite Authors (in no particular order): Bill James, Salman Rushdie, Spider Robinson, Malcolm Gladwell, Joe Haldeman, Brennan Manning, Robert Harris, Orson Scott Card, Donald Miller, Bill Simmons, Philip Yancey, Neil Gaiman, Geralyn Beauchamp.

"I had a lot of creative energy locked up inside. When I was a kid at school, I had a lot of outlets for that. And then time passed and I was suddenly married with two babies, and all this creative energy was in there. And I was sick all the time, because I couldn't let it out. Once I started writing, I could let it out, and I got well again ... If you start thinking about your legacy when you are writing, it's not going to work. You can't start thinking about lasting impact or what a critic would say. I write because I can't NOT write. I can't help it. It has to come out." - Judy Blume


A true Romantic Comedy. Set in what could be “Any-Time, Any-Place”. Though the locations and times are created, arranged marriages still happen in modern times and in “normal” families on rare occasions. Through vivid characters and at times quite humorous plot, Anselmo weaves a riveting what-if tale. The plot takes the theoretical stance of a bride and groom who want nothing to do with their wedding that everyone else decided would be. The two join forces to protest this hideous injustice against them despite the fact that this how their society has always functioned. They are determined to prove it is an impossibility, that they are totally incompatible. Can their machinations upstage their own wedding to be? Who will ultimately end up being the ones to think twice when all comes to an end? Read the book to meet Pella & Kavin and their matchmaking parents. You’ll also discover many a plot a foot several quite hilarious in this first installment of Anselmo’s series following Pella Lensoil’s adventures. However, be forewarned if you are impatient like me, he mentions there will be at least six books in the series; releasing one a year. Since this one just released in July 2015 that means a wait for #2.

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