#ArmchairBookExpo2017 – Day 2: Bibliophile Banter – What Do Readers Want?

For me, a book has to above all hold my attention. In order to do so many factors come into play. The plot, the characters, the editing in terms of mechanics and grammar. But every once in a while a well spun and characters can trump a few minor bumps where the technical pieces in the writing equation are concerned.
As far as author events I mostly avoid them as I prefer not to navigate the crowds. I’d rather spend time with the people I know and enjoy them in a smaller group.
I read quite an eclectic variety so there’s bound to be a diverse batch of characters in that blend of fiction genres I enjoy including Alien races.

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Are you at BEA this year? Chime in with comments about your experience at the conference. Are you participating in #ArmchairBookExpo? Please join in the discussion by posting a link to your post(s) for today and/or respond to what I’ve shared in the comments.

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