Paris by the Book by Liam Callanan

I’m a Bibliophile + Francophile. I read the blurb for this book and thought cool! Paris, mystery, books… what’s not to like? The premise is great and the writing leaves little to be desired. All this said the book still only ended up 3 stars in my opinion because it still fell flat for me somehow. Reading it felt like plodding along without an end in sight for way too long. The resolution bugged me as not being a resolution but rather just avoiding one by the characters and the author. Somehow I felt like something beside the person in the story who was missing that was intrinsic to the plot was missing for me and whatever that mysterious missing element was caused this to only be a so-so read in my opinion. Keep in mind that is only one reader’s thoughts and some people have thought this was a wonderful read. If the book had been much longer than it is I probably would have met my first DNF book. However, I plodded along and finished this one. I also will see what else this author has written just in case my picker went awry on this one. As I said both the premise and the writing pointed to a winner yet I felt otherwise. Hopefully, this author might have something else out there more to my taste.

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