Every Good and Perfect Gift by Sharon K. Souza – My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile’s Retreat by Melissa Meeks

This is a touching and emotional tribute to an exceptional friendship. Sharon’s characters are so real and their experiences so tangible that tears flooded my face at various points. Gabby and DeeDee meet just before starting 6th grade and DeeDee makes her mark in Gabby’s life immediately as the one who “steers their lives”. Within 5 minutes Gabby is dubbed with this nickname that will stick forever. Her given name is Angel but DeeDee insists on calling her something else. The first try is Mike but Gabby is just as adamant she will not accept that moniker so DeeDee settles for Gabby instead.

The two women are inseparable through all life brings their way including marriage to best friends who are like brothers to one another just as Gabby and DeeDee are like sisters. Through the women their mothers are also brought together as well. One who has lost a husband to divorce the other to what seems a too early call home to the Lord. Not only are the mothers united by the girls friendship but Dee also sees Gabby’s dad as a surrogate for the father that deserted her and her mother shortly before she meets Gabby. Eventually both their faith and commitment to each other and their families are heavily tested by various issues and trials. Read the book to see what hurdles these amazing women face and whether they are able to overcome them. Just don’t forget the Kleenex when you open it up – you’ll need plenty handy.

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